Physically Leaning Affects Our Thinking?

Interesting news out of the Netherlands: A new study suggests the way you physically lean affects how you estimate quantities (like sizes, numbers, and percentages).

We think of smaller numbers as being to the left and larger numbers to the right, researchers say. So when participants estimated answers to questions, they chose smaller numbers when leaning to the left. (There was no difference in estimates when they leaned to the right or stood straight up.)

Though researchers say posture has no effect when you know an answer, they say it influences you when you’re unsure. So the next time you wonder how much liquor is in that lemon drop, maybe try not to lean left. Wouldn’t want to overindulge because you guessed low!

So what do you think of this study? Does it sound right (ha) to you?

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4 Responses to Physically Leaning Affects Our Thinking?

  1. Slamfu Well I agree there is much more wrong with the Bush admin than the Iraq war, but I don't think any of those other issues would have brought both him and his party to the situation they are in now by themselves. I also think they pale in comparison, as examples of horrible consequences for bad decisions, to the unwarranted and then mishandled war. People tend to overlook and rationalize domestic issues like overspending until it hits them in the pocketbook, and even then they can be spun to spread the blame around.

  2. Wilhelmina says:

    That kind of thkniing shows you’re on top of your game

  3. Ety says:

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  4. Carmen says:

    Thank you for the shoutout! I’ve been tyirng not to totally succumb to mommy blogdom these days but admittedly it’s difficult. Really glad I haven’t scared everyone away!

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