The Difference Between Leopard and Cheetah Print

You say you’re crazy for cheetah print, but do you really like leopard? The prints are easy to mix up—and often are—but you’ll know the difference after reading this post.

Your cheat-sheet for cheetah spots: They’re  just one color.

Leopard print, on the other hand, has some shading and the spots are two-toned.

So there you go. Now you’ll be on point the next time you’re hunting for cheetah-print shoes. Rawr.

So do you know your animal prints? And are you a feline fan? (By the way, these cute rugs are currently available for purchase; just click the images above.)

Images: Rugs USA

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6 Responses to The Difference Between Leopard and Cheetah Print

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  3. Mellie says:

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  4. Una says:

    I am designing a poster for presentation at the Psychological Society of Ireland’s conference. The title of the poster is “Still Tarzan and Jane?” and it investigates how are men influenced by the role models they see in TV ads- specifically, how are they influenced by the way men and women are portrayed.

    I am looking for a cheetah print for the background of the poster and I’d be really grateful if I could use your cheetah picture above. The poster will be printed on A0 size paper so if you have a high-res version, that would be great.

    Thanks and I hope to hear from you. I need to go to the printers on 7 October.

    You can check details about the conference on and follow the links to the Conference.

  5. Liesel Chamen says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU! Finally someone outside of Africa who can tell the difference!! I can pull my hair out…saw Ty Pennington call a leopard print Cheetah print! And he’s supposed to be in the design business…not cool! So glad someone out there actually gets it ! 😉 ☆

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