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5 Times to Say No To Short Shorts (and Mini Skirts)

Tweet Okay, I absolutely adore mini skirts and dresses. (I’m not as into shorts, though they can be nice, too.) But just like everything, these clothes have their time and place. And after seeing a few, er, missteps around town, I figured … Continue reading

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Water and Straightened Hair Are Not A Good Pair

Tweet It’s rainy here. And I’m thinking of a damp evening I recently spent with friends. We were happily walking toward an exit—on our way out to eat—but I suddenly stopped. As they bounded into the drizzly outdoors, I had to pause under … Continue reading

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Where To Buy Clothes (Especially Pants!) When You’re Tall

Tweet Even though fashion models are tall, shopping isn’t always easy for everyday tall gals. (I know: I’m 5′ 10″.) We often have to deal with pitifully-short sleeves—and pants that make us look like we’re preparing for a flood. And if … Continue reading

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The Shoes Every Driver Should Have

Tweet Image: Zappos (Elie Tahari Frida Driver) There’s one car accessory every fashionista should have (in addition to a valid license, of course). Driving shoes! I was cruising around a while ago and noticed some of my favorite shoes were getting scuffed on the … Continue reading

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My Style: Silver and Polka Dots in the City

Tweet Today’s outfit in DC: A white sweater with black polka dots over a silver top and silver pencil skirt (two of three pieces of a suit). Ran into my dear friend Nicole—who’s an awesome photographer—downtown after work. She snapped … Continue reading

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Have You Been Fooled by Organic Food?

Tweet I really love organic food—I get happy going to Whole Foods—but a new study made me think. We may believe that organic foods are nutritious and that they taste better, but, according to new research, our minds may be … Continue reading

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What Happens When a Fashionista Gets an Xbox

Tweet I recently gained access to an Xbox Kinect. Since it’s controller-free and senses body movements, it’s supposed to give a fun way to work out. A major to-do is setting up an avatar. That includes physical appearance—long hair or short? glasses or … Continue reading

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4 Reasons to Get Rid of Your Clothes

Tweet I’m so excited to start blogging! This first post is just in time for spring cleaning season. I recently looked through my closet and found a cropped brown sweater. With a hook clasp. And crocheted cut-outs. Um, it looked (a … Continue reading

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