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With interests in so many areas, I’ve covered various topics. Please take a peek at some of my writing.


“Being Bad Can Be Good” (PDF)

Let go of your guilt—new research reveals the benefits of bothersome behavior

AARP The Magazine

“10 Overhyped Health Products”

These 10 over-the-counter products aren’t always worth your money—and some can cause health problems instead of treating them

USNews.com (also featured by The Huffington Post, Yahoo!, and MSN)

“What Role Do Drugs Play in Determining Longevity?”

Drugs can be lifesavers, but they also have side effects and dangers

USNews.com (also featured in the U.S. News & World Report e-book How to Live to 

“Go With the Glow” (PDF)

Color from a good diet looks better than a suntan

AARP The Magazine

“6 Surprising Behaviors That Age You”

Want to stay young? How your exercise habits, and even your cooking style, can hurt you

USNews.com (also featured by CBSNews.com)

“5 Mistakes That Put Your Mouth At Risk for Cavities”

Why you should reconsider bottled water, overzealous brushing, and these other harmful habits

USNews.com (also featured by Yahoo!)

“6 ‘Bad’ Foods That Really Aren’t”

It’s OK to embrace, not avoid, these foods


“9 Footwear Do’s and Don’ts”

Your shoes may be stylish, but should you be wearing them?

USNews.com (also featured by the news section of Yahoo! Finance)

“Do You Really Have Allergies?”

Maybe, but you could actually have one of these annoying ailments


“6 Symptoms You Shouldn’t Self-Treat”

These issues could signal more serious problems, so call your doctor, stat!


“How Being Polite Can Hurt Your Health”

When it comes to your health, you can be too nice


“5 Healthy Habits to Copy from Your Dog”

Fido does more than drool and shed—your dog can actually be a good health role model

USNews.com (also featured by CBSNews.com)

“Preventing Suicide on College Campuses” (PDF)

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