Leslie Quander Wooldridge sitting on a tall chair

First, you should know I love what I do. And appreciate that my words have reached tens of millions of readers.

As a freelance and consulting writer and editor, I enjoy health, relationship, personal finance, and lifestyle topics and have covered everything from dating advice to how to protect your hearing. My work has appeared in outlets from The Washington Post and Men’s Health to Eventbrite and Playboy, and I even contributed to U.S. News & World Report’s first ebook How to Live to 100I’m also a contributing writer for Business Insider, a consultant for other editorial projects, and the senior editor of Sisters From AARP—a weekly newsletter celebrating Black women.

Plus, I’m a coach and workshop presenter, with a focus on teaching people about success and wellness strategies, how to leverage their voices to tell their stories, how to connect with diverse audiences, and tips for editorial and business best practices.

I formerly served as a staff writer and editor for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Office of External Affairs. There I managed and developed digital content for consumer and professional audiences (including articles, blogs, social posts, and videos), specializing in content for women and people of color.

I also served as the senior editor of Capitol File magazine, where I directed print and online projects as deputy to the editor-in-chief—and was a TV news guest between my interviews of celebrities and notables. Before that I was senior associate editor of AARP The Magazine, the largest circulation magazine in the world with 35 million readers, supervising editorial and social media projects on deadline and serving as a source for conference panels and media interviews.

Other professional skills to highlight? Yes. I’ve developed ad copy, social media and email marketing content, and press releases; done ghost writing; and provided strategic communications advice on national initiatives and activities. I’m also bilingual in English and Spanish, so I’ve reviewed translated content, too.

When I’m not in writing and editing wonderland, or offering coaching, I appreciate fashion (why is shoe shopping so tempting?), photography, and traveling near and far.

Want to know more? Please explore my site, or contact me.