I’ve created print and digital content for general audiences as well as professional and stakeholder groups. And my work has reached tens of millions of readers.

I really enjoy working with media outlets, businesses, and associations as well as entrepreneurs and other individuals. My goals are to help you share engaging, helpful, appropriate, and accurate information with your readers, staff, or clients and grow engagement. And do it all in a way that’s professional, on deadline, and (yes) even fun.

Curious about how I can help you? Info on available services follows.


Content development (digital and print) 

Writing, reporting, and editing for internal and external audiences (e.g., magazine, newsletter, and digital articles; video scripts and storyboards; reports; blog posts; Web page copy; social media posts; and marketing and other communications materials)

Ghost writing


Speaking and workshop presentations at conferences and meetings on topics such as communication best practices, fearless investing principles (including for cryptocurrency), and developing a success mindset

Voice-over work

Hosting or moderating events or panels for audio, video, or live sessions


One-on-one coaching for mindset, success, and writing

Group coaching for mindset, success, and writing


Tailored training on topics such as writing and communication best practices (including plain language, storytelling, and how to effectively connect with media gatekeepers and diverse audiences), career success (including networking and setting goals), and personal finance best practices and mindset


Master classes

Want to know more about these services and rates? Or how we can collaborate on another type of project?

Or feel free to email me. Just put “Services query” in the subject line.