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With interests in so many areas, I’ve covered various topics. Please take a peek at some of my writing.









“Have You Scheduled Surgery? Then You’d Better Start Training.” 
Better preparation can help patients awaiting elective surgeries. Here are steps to consider and discuss with your surgeon
The Washington Post

“Don’t Be Afraid to Ask These COVID Questions Before Meeting Someone From a Dating App”
It’s your right to ask if they’ve been wearing a mask.
Men’s Health

Sexuality in Conversation: “What Men Might Be Overlooking About the Female Sexual Experience”
Nearly three in four women will have pain during intercourse at some point in their lives. Learn how men can help when their partners have pain—and still have intimacy

A Star Is Born Shows How Damaging Tinnitus Can Be. Here’s How to Avoid It.”
If you’re around loud sounds, you could be at risk for noise-induced hearing damage and loss. These five tips could save your hearing
Men’s Health (also featured by MSN and Yahoo!)

“Will GoFundMe Become America’s Largest Private Insurer?”
Medical crowdfunding campaigns like those on GoFundMe.com are helping millions deal with health complications and bills. But what does this mean for our society?

“5 Signs You Need to Break Up With Your Doctor”
It may be time to let some health care providers go
Sisters From AARP

“Being Bad Can Be Good” (PDF)
Let go of your guilt—new research reveals the benefits of bothersome behavior
AARP The Magazine

“10 Overhyped Health Products”
These 10 over-the-counter products aren’t always worth your money—and some can cause health problems instead of treating them
U.S. News & World Report (also featured by The Huffington Post, Yahoo!, and MSN)

“What Role Do Drugs Play in Determining Longevity?”
Drugs can be lifesavers, but they also have side effects and dangers
U.S. News & World Report (also featured in the U.S. News & World Report e-book How to Live to 100)

“Go With the Glow” (PDF)
Color from a good diet looks better than a suntan
AARP The Magazine

“6 Surprising Behaviors That Age You”
Want to stay young? How your exercise habits, and even your cooking style, can hurt you
U.S. News & World Report (also featured by CBSNews.com)

“5 Mistakes That Put Your Mouth At Risk for Cavities”
Why you should reconsider bottled water, overzealous brushing, and these other harmful habits
U.S. News & World Report (also featured by Yahoo!)

“9 Footwear Do’s and Don’ts”
Your shoes may be stylish, but should you be wearing them?
U.S. News & World Report (also featured by the news section of Yahoo! Finance)

“Do You Really Have Allergies?”
Maybe, but you could actually have one of these annoying ailments
U.S. News & World Report

“6 Symptoms You Shouldn’t Self-Treat”
These issues could signal more serious problems, so call your doctor, stat!
U.S. News & World Report

“How Being Polite Can Hurt Your Health”
When it comes to your health, you can be too nice
U.S. News & World Report

“5 Healthy Habits to Copy from Your Dog”
Fido does more than drool and shed—your dog can actually be a good health role model
U.S. News & World Report (also featured by CBSNews.com)

“Preventing Suicide on College Campuses” (PDF)
Colleges are more prepared than ever to provide assistance to students who are at risk
SAMHSA News (gold award winner at the Magnum Opus Awards)


“Following My Mother’s Savings Advice Meant I Could Leave My Full-Time Job Behind When It Was Making Me Miserable”
If you’re working on building savings, I can tell you the effort — no matter where you start — is worth it. Because autonomy is important
Business Insider

“Black Americans Are Less Likely to Invest Than White Americans, But Experts Say 5 Steps Can Change That
To close the investing gap, it’s important to know why investing matters, increase earning power, seek out reliable information, and take action
Business Insider (part of a series on the racial wealth gap)

“What 3 Self-Made Black Millionaires Want Black Americans to know About Building Wealth
They’re founders, CEOs, and financial coaches, and they all built their companies from the ground up
Business Insider (part of a series on the racial wealth gap)

“I Was Out of Work for Over a Month When the Government Shut Down in 2018, and I Learned 5 Lessons I’m Applying Today”
The 2018 government shutdown was the longest in history. These five money and mindset lessons can help—even today
Business Insider

“6 Rules Any Investor Should Follow, from Beginners to Pros”
Investing can feel overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start. But even if you have some experience, you can always improve your strategy
Business Insider

“Everything You Need to Know About Investing in a Downturn”
Keep your emotions in check—and consider these other tips for individual stocks, index funds, retirement accounts, and more
Black Love (a five-part money series online and on social; click for video)

I Transfer Money to My Savings Account Then Pretend It Doesn’t Exist, and That Strategy Paid for a $4,000 European Vacation
For me, it’s a priority to live below my means so I can fund my savings and investments
Business Insider

“I Changed My Travel Plans Because of COVID-19, But There Are 3 Reasons I’m Not Changing a Single Thing About My Investment Strategy”
Does it hurt to see my portfolio down? Sure. But will that temporary hurt matter years from now when I’m ready to withdraw money? I don’t think so
Business Insider

“Want to Quit Your Job? Ask a Financial Planner 4 Questions First”
The desire to quit your job may seem urgent, but it’s important to think ahead before you give notice
Business Insider

“Could Changing Your Health Insurance Save You Money? 4 Ways to Know”
With healthcare costs rising, your insurance selection can affect your finances, so looking at your plan every year is important—and can save you money
Business Insider

“I Lowered My Bills by $7,000 Within Hours!”
Time is money! 6 ways to make a day off pay off
Sisters From AARP

“How to Find More Time in the Day”
Sis, you’re not Superwoman. Here’s how to avoid doing too much and feel less stress
Sisters From AARP


“Is Flirting Cheating? Only If You Break This One Crucial Rule”
It’s not necessary crossing a line
Men’s Health

“Don’t Post a Photo of Yourself With Strangers’ Children on Your Tinder Profile”
The latest questionable dating-site photo that rivals posing with a tiger or a bathroom selfie? Those seemingly snapped abroad—with other people’s children
The Washington Post

“6 Secrets to Getting Back Together With An Ex”
There might still be hope—if you follow these steps
Men’s Health

“Sharing a Building Leads to a Shared Mission for an AME Church and a Latino Congregation”
Two pastors built a friendship across barriers of language and culture, uniting their congregations and together reaching out to their community
Faith & Leadership (selected as one of the site’s top 10 stories for 2019)

“26 Daytime Date Ideas That Are Easy, Fun, and Affordable”
You can do so much better than “coffee”
Men’s Health

“25 Romantic Fall Date Ideas That Aren’t Drinks”
Because cuffing season is coming
Men’s Health

“The Keys to Fighting Loneliness”
Feeling lonely can affect your health. 8 ways to grow your relationships and feel more connected — right now
Sisters From AARP

“The Secret to Dating With Less Stress”
If you try it, dating can be much more fun
Sisters From AARP

“Couples Corner: A Lupus Diagnosis Can Bring You Closer”
When attorney and novelist Chloe T. Barlow was diagnosed with lupus, it united her and  her husband—and changed their lives
Lupus Now magazine

“Meet the Real You” (PDF)
You think you know yourself—but your friends may know you even better
AARP The Magazine


“A Vital Voice” (PDF)
Design icon Diane von Furstenberg lends support to Vital Voices global partnership, empowering women around the world
Capitol File

8 OMG STFU moments as we say goodbye to Olivia Pope, B613 and the end of a ‘Scandal’ full era 
Some of the most legendary moments from the past seven seasons
The Grio

“A Scandal Star”
Bellamy Young plays the first lady on the wildly popular DC-based drama
Capitol File 

“Advocate for Immigrants” (PDF)
Salma Hayek Pinault receives honors from the Congressional Caucus Institute and reflects on diversity in DC and beyond
Capitol File

“A Capitol Chat” (PDF)
Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and political strategist Donna Brazile talk friendship and food
Capitol File

“Television Magic”  (PDF)
CBS This Morning coanchors Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell dish on their show’s two-year anniversary and their hometown connection
Capitol File


“The Volunteer Collection: Made for Those Who Give Back”
Make the most of your time with this curated collection of DC area volunteer events (previously updated weekly)

“The Grandest Garden” (PDF)
Beyond its province as a beautiful retreat, the U.S. Botanic Garden is taking the lead in preservation efforts by cultivating rare, endangered, and heirloom plants
Capitol File

“The 15 Best Dance Clubs in DC” 
Find the best dance clubs in DC, from super luxe destinations to venues serving a more laid-back crowd
Time Out

“Wedding Vendors: When to Say Yes—Or No”
You’re super excited about your big day even though your to-do list seems miles long. But how do you know if that DJ you’re eyeing will be a good fit? Or if you should hire that perky photographer?
Bridal Guide

“The Grape Outdoors” (PDF)
Award-winning vintages are pouring out of Virginia and Maryland. Capitol File goes behind the scenes to reveal what’s driving this delicious renaissance
Capitol File 


“In a New Light” (PDF)
The future of cosmetic procedures is now, and it looks bright. The latest generation of treatments is helping DC men and women look and feel their best
Capitol File

“The Cellulite Fight” (PDF)
Does anything really work?
Philadelphia Style


“Pets and Their People During the Coronavirus Pandemic”
How animals are making lockdowns more bearable
AARP The Magazine

“After Long Career, Chef Goes Back to School, Honoring Her Ancestors’ Legacy”
Georgetown undergraduate Mélisande Short-Colomb treads ground saved by her ancestors’ sacrifice
AARP The Magazine

“Lions, Tigers, and Caring” (PDF)
Animal keeper Rebecca Stites cares for great cats at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and helps prepare new tiger cubs for their public debut Capitol File

“She’s Got Rhythm” (PDF)
A wannabe drummer goes from shy to fly
AARP The Magazine

“The Business of Beauty” (PDF)
For a woman who loved fashion and beauty as a child, Juliana Hendershot has the perfect job

“A Business With Heart” (PDF)
As a ward of the New York City foster care system, Dr. Nathaniel Williams’ childhood was full of dreams—and little else. Now he touches the lives of thousands