About Me

Hello! I’m Leslie Quander Wooldridge, a writer, speaker, and host based in Washington, DC. My staff and freelance work on topics like personal finance (including general investing, saving, and cryptocurrency), wellness and mindset, relationships, and entertainment has reached tens of millions of readers and appeared everywhere from Business Insider, The Washington Post, and AARP The Magazine to Eventbrite and Men’s Health.

I worked as a magazine and website editor for years, and I’ve been a featured panelist at conferences by the American Society of Journalists and Authors, host and facilitator for virtual events for Sisters From AARP, and even appeared on other podcasts as well as local and national news. I also formerly produced and hosted a podcast with Gokhshtein Media on the mindset of investing, called “Market Mindset With Leslie Quander.” What can I say? I love sharing info and reaching out to people!

How I Can Serve Your Audience

I help audiences understand that mindset matters, and that we can become aware of it—and adjust it—to have abundance and success in our finances and in our lives.

I also provide practical information on mindset and communication best practices to help writers and other professionals successfully work with media gatekeepers, share their stories, and break into media outlets.

What Drives Me

In general, my goals are to provide audiences with information that can help them live their best lives in the areas of personal finance (including general investing and cryptocurrency), mindset, relationships and more. In addition, I have a goal to inspire, and to let people know that we can have abundance in lives. And that it’s not too late to pursue our goals and dreams. It’s important to me to provide accurate and helpful information—and to connect with people authentically. 

About My Talks

Please learn more about my prepared talks below. I’m also happy to work with you to develop a tailored talk or workshop for your organization or event.

Master Your Mindset: How to Shed Fear and Find Success 

In this talk geared toward working women and entrepreneurs, audience members gain an understanding of how to embrace their full potential. They’ll learn about principles for developing a wealth mindset, including information about lucrative—and non-traditional—paths to wealth. And, they’ll learn how to manage their financial fears and mental roadblocks, how to deal with imposter syndrome, and how to beat burnout and feel energized to move forward with their goals. Note: This talk is not financial advice for audiences’ personal situations.

3 Secrets for Developing a Wealth Mindset and Walking Into Your Dream Life

In this focused talk for anyone seeking to gain control over their finances and pursue their goals—including professionals who are considering taking the leap into a new job or into life as an entrepreneur or investor— audience members will gain tools for understanding what may be holding them back from success. And they’ll learn three secrets, which they can begin to implement immediately, for how to propel themselves forward and break through mental and situational roadblocks. Note: This talk is not financial advice for audiences’ personal situations.

Media Mindset: How to Break Into the Media and Find Success

Think you need to be famous to get media coverage—or be a full-time journalist to become a paid writer? Think again. In this session ideal for entrepreneurs, would-be writers, and other creatives and professionals, attendees learn five key principles to breaking into media outlets and getting press coverage (or getting paid to write!). They’ll also learn how mindset can figure into their media and wealth-building goals, and how to adjust their thoughts and action steps to successfully work with media gatekeepers. 

Contact Me

Interested in a consult, or in scheduling a speaking or workshop session? Please email me and put “Speaking query” in the subject line. Or feel free to fill out the form below.

And feel free to keep up with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram—I’m @lesliequander everywhere—where I share posts about to develop a mindset for success (and have fun with trends and photography, too). I look forward to being in touch!

Please share a brief comment or message about the nature of your booking request or query, along with your deadline (if applicable), and I will follow up. Thank you!