Editing Clips

I’ve assigned and edited articles on a variety of subjects, ranging from those offering wellness tips to personal essays on identity. Do have a look at these stories.


“Beneath the Surface: I Learned to Swim in My 40s”
As a child living on Chicago’s South Side, this writer was afraid of water. Then, life plunged her into the deep end to paddle through love, grief, trauma, shame, joy, growth and fear.
Sisters From AARP

“Our Sisterhood Is a Blessed Gift”
Finding empowerment in her intersecting identities of disability, Blackness and being a woman has been a journey for this writer. But a friend encouraged her to embrace herself as whole.
Sisters From AARP

“I Learned I Had Fibroids After I Fainted on a Flight. Here’s What I Wish I Knew”
This writer had suffered in silence for years. Fibroids can affect our quality of life, but understanding these 3 things can help.
Sisters From AARP


“8 Tips for ‘Down There’ Care After 40”
Our bodies change. So do our hygiene needs. Maintaining a healthy vagina and vulva can help prevent discomfort and infection. Here’s what to know. (Hint: Lose the scented soap.)
Sisters From AARP

“Hello, Astrology”
How might major astrological events of 2021, including eclipses and Mercury retrogrades, affect you? Here are some possibilities.
Sisters From AARP

“Old Styles—They’re Back!” (PDF)
Your ’60s favorites are cooler than ever
AARP The Magazine

“50 Going on 15” (PDF)
Why the best new fiction for adults is written for teens
AARP The Magazine

“Cold Weather Won’t Make You Sick” (PDF)
Research studies are busting all those health myths you grew up with
AARP The Magazine

“My Coworker Is Just a Kid!” (PDF)
How workers can excel in the most age-diverse workforce in history

“Let’s Get Quizzical” (PDF)
Brain gyms help you stay sharp, with memory-boosting games
AARP The Magazine

“Retail Redo” (PDF)
Hey, 50+ shoppers: More stores want to make you happy
AARP The Magazine


“Jumping for Joy,” “Gamer Girls,” and “Business Cards Get Cool” (PDF)
A report on the newest (legal) way to get high, a surprising group takes to gaming, and how the best business cards are far from boring
AARP The Magazine

“The Next Phase of E-Reading,” “Small is the New Big,” “Turning Crafts Into Cash” (PDF)
A book club moves to Twitter; thanks to the recession, tiny stuff gets trendy; craft sites mean creative types can earn extra money
AARP The Magazine

“Never Too Old for Gold” and “Swap and Save” (PDF)
Athletes competing at the Senior Olympics are 50-plus—and fit; how people barter for all sorts of services online
AARP The Magazine


“First You See, Then You Do” and “Go for the Big O” (PDF)
Research reveals why being a copycat could help your relationship, and why oxytocin has a role in more than your sex life
AARP The Magazine

“My Neighbor’s Wife Tried to Seduce Me!” (PDF)
In this regular advice column, a man wonders whether he should reveal what his frisky neighbor did—or keep it secret
AARP The Magazine


“Start Me Up” (PDF)
Working on the Hill and across the country, Steve Case shines a light on American entrepreneurship
Capitol File

“She’s Write On” (PDF)
How one woman overcame vision loss and discrimination to become a top romance author
AARP The Magazine

“A Pilot’s Passion” (PDF)
A former real-estate agent overcomes a brush with death to pursue a daring dream: flying to all 50 states
AARP The Magazine