What Happens When a Fashionista Gets an Xbox

I recently gained access to an Xbox Kinect. Since it’s controller-free and senses body movements, it’s supposed to give a fun way to work out.

A major to-do is setting up an avatar. That includes physical appearance—long hair or short? glasses or no?—and clothes. It’s possible to create an avi pretty quickly. But I spent a little more time. Okay a lot more time. I got caught up in choosing my outfit.

I scrolled through tons of dresses, tops, bottoms, and shoes. Finally, I chose a sea-colored frock and a pair of flats. That should work for light activity, I thought. Next was a casual look: a cardi, bright blouse, dark jeans, and flats again. That should be great for…um…walking or something. And, finally, a black sheath dress with heeled boots. My avi wouldn’t wear it to the gym, but it could work for…let’s see… a dance competition, right? Right?

After I saved my outfits, I found out I could I could buy more online. I admit: I almost considered it. But no. One reason: Games often choose clothes and add-ons for you. (So your avatar wears headgear when boxing, for instance.) Mainly, though, I passed because I have to stop somewhere. I mean, come on. I can only justify buying new clothes in the real world!

Have you worked out on an Xbox or a similar system? Did you like it? I ended up playing a game that day and look forward to (actually) playing more.

Image: Xbox

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9 Responses to What Happens When a Fashionista Gets an Xbox

  1. Fantastic!!!! Amazing!!! Beautiful!!! Can’t wait to see the entire portfolio – it’s going to be difficult chosing ‘favorites’ as they are each very special in their own right. Thanks for sharing ~Curt & Diane(Dad & Mom)

  2. Wow. . .my usual weeks worth of kitchenwares wouldn’t fit on three tables that size. . . .Although, when I go to cook somewhere else and bring everything I can usually condense everything to fit into one or two boxes to fit in the back of the station wagon.I find using things double duty helps cut down on washing. A frying pan makes a great kettle lid. A sieve works to sift flour and forks are the ever ready whisk.

  3. It will hit rock bottom before it gets better. Once all the fake faces and so called “caring community leader” like Bruce Tran is gone, a new wave of Viet will arise and bring back the integrity to the Viet community. Until then………..keep watching, there are a few more out there and their days are numbered.

  4. · Mi eroperso questa sterminata discussione che devo dire mi diverte!Marco ha chiamato una tavola rotonda Camp perché fa figo, la cosa mi sembra più che ovvia e nulla di quello che ci ha detto qui o altrove va in una diversa direzione…bob

    • Loree says:

      hei marit… for en flott lampe— likte den utrolig gidt!! og denne lille fisken da, sÃ¥ søt,- et vakkert bilde det ogsÃ¥… prøvde kopiere koden til tideelingnryssgt, men fikk det ikke til… klem og fortsatt fin uke—

  5. Youhei says:

    I LOVE the Chocolate Mint great with a cup of coffee. They are higehr in sugar than I like, so I save them for a post workout treat. I also emailed them with questions about their granola bars because they list oatmeal and it is not certified gluten free. Their gluten measurement falls below standards, but I still choose to avoid the granola to be safe. The others are great.

  6. Adriano says:

    Jennifer Sosa – LOL Only you would say Eyegasmic! You did such a great job. I love that you placed your flash of the caemra for the ceremony. I’m loving that last picture! I don’t even know where that is!01/03/2011 8:32 pm

  7. Aisha says:

    Hi Leslie! This post made me laugh. I had no idea you could buy virtual clothes- BUT- on the bright side, that would certainly not take away from your actual closet space? ;)

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