What Happens When a Fashionista Gets an Xbox

I recently gained access to an Xbox Kinect. Since it’s controller-free and senses body movements, it’s supposed to give a fun way to work out.

A major to-do is setting up an avatar. That includes physical appearance—long hair or short? glasses or no?—and clothes. It’s possible to create an avi pretty quickly. But I spent a little more time. Okay a lot more time. I got caught up in choosing my outfit.

I scrolled through tons of dresses, tops, bottoms, and shoes. Finally, I chose a sea-colored frock and a pair of flats. That should work for light activity, I thought. Next was a casual look: a cardi, bright blouse, dark jeans, and flats again. That should be great for…um…walking or something. And, finally, a black sheath dress with heeled boots. My avi wouldn’t wear it to the gym, but it could work for…let’s see… a dance competition, right? Right?

After I saved my outfits, I found out I could I could buy more online. I admit: I almost considered it. But no. One reason: Games often choose clothes and add-ons for you. (So your avatar wears headgear when boxing, for instance.) Mainly, though, I passed because I have to stop somewhere. I mean, come on. I can only justify buying new clothes in the real world!

Have you worked out on an Xbox or a similar system? Did you like it? I ended up playing a game that day and look forward to (actually) playing more.

Image: Xbox

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4 Responses to What Happens When a Fashionista Gets an Xbox

  1. Youhei says:

    I LOVE the Chocolate Mint great with a cup of coffee. They are higehr in sugar than I like, so I save them for a post workout treat. I also emailed them with questions about their granola bars because they list oatmeal and it is not certified gluten free. Their gluten measurement falls below standards, but I still choose to avoid the granola to be safe. The others are great.

  2. Adriano says:

    Jennifer Sosa – LOL Only you would say Eyegasmic! You did such a great job. I love that you placed your flash of the caemra for the ceremony. I’m loving that last picture! I don’t even know where that is!01/03/2011 8:32 pm

  3. Aisha says:

    Hi Leslie! This post made me laugh. I had no idea you could buy virtual clothes- BUT- on the bright side, that would certainly not take away from your actual closet space? ;)

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