Water and Straightened Hair Are Not A Good Pair

She's so cute—but rain isn't always this fun.

It’s rainy here. And I’m thinking of a damp evening I recently spent with friends. We were happily walking toward an exit—on our way out to eat—but I suddenly stopped. As they bounded into the drizzly outdoors, I had to pause under a covered spot. Unzip my tote. And root around for my umbrella.

You see, my naturally curly hair was straight. Temporarily tamed with a flat iron. Smooth and sleek. And though I love my soft ringlets—and adore seeing them on others—I refused to let rain set my hair free that day.

My conclusion? Water is my kryptonite when my hair is straight. When it’s curly, the rolling ocean is my ally, warm rain is a soothing companion, and comfortable humidity is a welcome visitor. But when it’s straight, well…let’s just say I have to find other friends. And their names are Ponytail Holder and Umbrella.

Most people make some sacrifices for beauty. So what’s your thing? Do you wear heels even when they hurt? Avoid certain foods? Or do you straighten your hair—and keep it straight at all costs? 

Image source: WeHeartIt.com