My Style: Fashion In Five Minutes—Or Less

Dresses are amazing. If you get the right shape and color (I’m partial to sheath styles that don’t need ironing) you look like you put major effort into your look—even if you got dressed in minutes.

And if the pattern is eye-catching, and the dress has some texture, there’s no need to stress about lots of accessories.

The perfect shoes? Pumps or slingbacks close to your skin tone. Just add a bag, and the outfit’s done in a flash. It’s a great style trick!

Dress, Trina Turk; shoes, Nine West; bag, Louis Vuitton

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3 Responses to My Style: Fashion In Five Minutes—Or Less

  1. That’s a really great look on you! And the shoes remind me of a pair of Ferragamo pumps I once saw on sale at Nordstrom Rack for $140; they were the perfect heel height and so comfortable. I still regret not buying them…what was I thinking? ;)

    • Leslie Quander Wooldridge says:

      Thanks, Natalia! And, wow, I feel for you about those shoes. Shopping regrets happen to the best of us. ;)

      • Willie says:

        Ciacy, kiitos, ja nyt on postattu kaÃt¤njaps¤hkinöistÃakin! Tiina, juu, sinä olet mainittu blogeista ensimmäisenä, ja jos en olisi ollut niin torvelo, olisi postauksessani maininnut tämän seikan. Mulla on juttu tallella ja koetan tässä viikonlopun aikana sen sulle skannata ja lähettää. Suski, tänks!

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