Facts on Contacts: Most of Us Have Bad Habits

Most of us think we know how to clean our contacts, but a new study finds less than 1 percent of people (less than 1 percent!) actually care for them properly, WebMd Health News reports.

And bad habits have consequences, researchers write in the journal Optometry and Vision Science. The most frequent problems reported by surveyed contacts wearers were discomfort (72%) and infection (47%). Yikes.

To protect your eyes, replace contacts as recommended, American Optometric Associationspokesman Randall Fuerst, O.D., tells WebMd.

Other steps? Never use tap water to clean cases or lenses (I’ve done this, but no more!), always use fresh solution, and always wash and dry your hands before putting in lenses. And, of course, only buy contacts from reputable providers—and only if you have a current, valid prescription (no crazy colors from shady outlets or oversize lenses, please).

So have you been doing anything wrong—and will you make changes? Learn more on healthy lens care from FDA and WebMd.

Image: nuchylee/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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