Are Your Shoes Hurting Your Health?

If you wear (fab) shoes like this, it's all about the timing. B Brian Atwood Fredrique platform pumps via

I’m an admitted shoe fanatic, but I also love writing about wellness. So the recent health story I wrote on 9 Footwear Do’s and Don’ts for was really fun.

The truth is, our feet withstand lots of abuse (think long jogs and super high stilettos), and we need to take care of them to avoid pain, injury, and other ailments. Check out the story to learn the best time to go out in high heels—and if you should be wearing those flip flips.


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  1. u4fifa:

    look great today.

  2. yourheealth:

    Fantastic, thank you

  3. Giày bóng đá chính hãng:

    I sell shoes and i realize above truths


  4. Lesa:

    Aw, thanks for the link back, Gordon! Trans-GrahAm made me laugh so hard, especially since I can’t take Graham seriously at all. Have you ever heard the drama CD the Gundam 00 cast put on a while back? I can’t help but imagine Setsuna talk in speedy sloppy Japanese and Graham going CHORISSU~And yes, the Mau;&aor#8217ss hideous –;;;

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